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Unnamed Professional Footballer

A mid Victorian Baptist Church which has been subdivided and extensively redeveloped into fourteen high specification apartments. The Church is located within a conservation area, meaning that the project has been planned and implemented with the extensive input of the local conservation department.
The internal finishes have been carefully selected including Italian made kitchens with hanex white s-008 work surfaces to give a high specification finish for the client.

Mister C's Chip Shop

All the acrylic was made out of Corian dusk with machined lettering carved into the counter front Corian was used to give that smooth finish.
Not only was this project a local one but also shows people what you can do with acrylic. Mister C's got voted best chip shop of the year after all our work was done.

Mrs S Coleman - Northhampton

We are so pleased with both our new work surface and the way in which it was installed. There was little mess and people who installed it were very friendly and helpful. I would recommend this company to anyone.

Mr and Mrs B McDonald - Hull

We always wanted something a little different in our kitchen and Unique Work Surfaces provided just that. They were professional and very accomodating to our over interested son who wanted to "help" We got exactly what we wanted at a very good price.

Mr Newton - South Sheilds

A professional installation, always happy to answer a question and they finished early! Would use this company again without hesitation.

Unique Nationwide


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